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Sweet words
from listeners

Mr. T meets

Sophie & Les Petits singer

Young Japanese fan 土産

"From the moment we got this cd. it has been playing non stop in our home and car. The music is lovely, the lyrics are fun , sweet and smart. A fun way to learn French for the whole family!" ~ RENEE STAHL, singer songwriter from RENEE & JEREMY


About "Bonjour" Sophie & Les Petits' first album: 
My kids really love this album of French songs […] some of the songs are so catchy, the melodies get stuck in my head throughout the day! “ ~ NICK VALENSI, THE STROKES. 

“We love Sophie Timpers album "Bonjour". Our Daughter loves to sing along. The message in each song and the melodies are great. Well done!” ~ AMANDA ANKA and JASON BATEMAN


"[…] But it wasn’t until my daughter met Miss Sophie that she began to fall in love with all things French. Miss Sophie teaches French through the most delightful songs that she sings with her own children. You don’t have to speak the language to love listening to Sophie’s album “Bonjour,” but my guess is that you and your child will know every word by the third time though.  You can pick up “Bonjour” at Il est tellement fantastique! ~ KELLIE MARTIN (from her blog)


"Bravo Sophie!! Beautiful music!' ~MERRIN DRAKE

"Une musique variée et très belle, des textes à la porté des touts-petits pour chanter dès 1an et demi, on adore!" ~ALEXANDRE B.

"Whether you have kids or not, whether you're a French speaker or just a music lover, check this out - fantastique!" ~ TARA MILLER 

"I love this upbeat fun music for children of all ages." ~ GAIL L. (iTunes review) 

"I highly recommend this CD as a great gift to anyone with littles ones. The music is sweet, soft and energetic at the same time." ~MIEKE S. (iTunes review)


"I am a French mother and I love this CD as much as my 2 years old son.  A good way to learn colors, numbers, body ... and so many things. Thanks to Sophie for this moment of pleasure." ~CLAIRE C. (cdbaby review) 


"Sophie has a voice so sweet, she entices from adult to child to enjoy learning francais. Our family loved the first album and we are crazy about this album. The songs are catchy without being annoying. The music accompanying the magical lyrics is superb, fresh and unique. This album is an ideal gift." ~ Vtl Mama (iTunes review)


'I dare anyone -- at any age, in any country -- to listen to this album without humming the whichever last song for hours.  Not only is it catchy, but musically diverse, well played, and very richly produced.  I mean, it's got a cherango and an oud backing up these kids... how many children's albums can boast that? Oh, and you may learn some French after your kids refuse to turn it off. ~C.C


"Great way to learn French. Fun and great for kids." - SABRINA owner of YELLOW BALLOON HAIR SALON 


"My son (4 years old) loves the CD and sang it all afternoon after school. He explained all the songs to me and the moves that go with each song. The best part was his pure joy upon hearing the music. Congrats and well done!! ~TRACEY MONROE 


"Best French music for preschoolers EVER! I recommend it 100%. You'll see how fast your child will be singing in French and loving it " ~ GIANMAR MOLERO DE BOULTON, Spanish teacher


"We adore this album! The melodies are catchy, the words are easy to understand, and the songs help to re-inforce the French that my children are learning. They love singing along to all the songs!" ~ LEILA LEIGH (cdbaby review) 


"Sophie & Les Petits' Bonjour CD is the best children's musical album I have heard in a long time. I got the witness the making of this CD and it was truly inspiring. Sophie is so dedicated to her music, the result was this beautiful CD. I hear children singing her songs all day long, and find myself singing these songs at work, in the car and at home. It has such an amazing energy and is fun for all children. It's educational yet entertaining. I would recommend this CD to everyone. Bravo Sophie!" ~ANISSA HERRERA, Montessori teacher


"A smile comes across my sons face when we put in the cd .He always says lets listen to Miss Sophie ! He truly loves the songs and sings along as we drive along .Its wonderful to see him enjoying singing in French ..He loves the song about the shark...and the 3 little pigs. Miss Sophie has a beautiful voice. I highly recommend!" ~SARAH B



"My daughter absolutely loves the music on this cd. She is learning French and sings along, translating all the words for me! She sings the songs when she wakes up in the morning and throughout the day at random, wonderful times. Truly a lovely CD!" ~PATTY KAISER (cdbaby review) 

"My daughter and I sing along with Sophie & Les Petits in the car, and I often listen to it when im driving by myself. The album is beautiful and puts in me a totally tranquil mood. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to build a great collection of children's music." ~ JASON SCHWARTZMAN 


"My kids love this! And listening to kids songs in a foreign language is priceless" ~JOCELYN BAKER (iTunes review)


"I am in love with this CD. As a Montessori preschool teacher I am always looking for innovative ways of stimulating the children in a fun easy going way. This CD not only makes it possible to teach French but also gives the children a chance to have fun with the language by singing, dancing and exploring. Such a delight! ~MAHA MITAKI 


“It's great when my daughter and I fall in love with the same music, and we both love Sophie & Les Petits.  It is one of my favorites because it's beautifully gentle and educational- helping us both learn French!”  ~BRADY CUNNINGHAM 


"Delightful children's songs in French, with repetition, and English lines to understand what they're about. The music is playful and diverse in style. Sophie's voice is kind and gentle, the kids add energy! My kids love this CD, it's been playing non-stop in the car and at home since we got it. Although he knew no French before we got this CD (except "Bonjour"!), I've caught my 7yo singing along, and also to himself without the music. Really lovely.” ~ NICKI DENNIS 


"Not only will children learn the language and grasp vocabulary, they will also add beautiful melodies to their musical memory. [...] I look forward to her next creation!" ~DRAGANA RODRIGUEZ DoReMi Music School director. 


"Sophie has a voice so sweet she entices everyone from adult to child to enjoy learning francais. Our family loved the first album and we are as crazy about this album. The songs are catchy without being annoying. The music accompanying the magical lyrics is superb, fresh and unique. This album is an ideal gift." ~JAQUELIN LEVIN-ZABARE 

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