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French For Kids


Birth - 5

(in Los Angeles)

This is a Parent & Me gathering offered to parents and caregivers who want to introduce French to their little ones. No prior French experience required although adults are invited and encouraged to participate. Emphasis is on music, exploration of different sounds and rhythms, the discovery of movements and color through colorful scarves, bubbles and other age appropriate props. 

This is a gentle and playful introduction to music and to French.


Preschool - Kindergarten Enrichment classes 

(in Los Angeles) 

This class is a playful introduction to French as a second language for young children through music, rhymes, rhythms, games, movements, and magical story-telling. Children are exposed to French in a natural and playful way. We will learn original songs from Sophie & Les Petits as well as French classics, play music together, dance and move around with scarves and different age-appropriate props. We end each class in a relaxing and mindful moment. This class covers the basics of introducing oneself, parts of the body, large movements, counting, and colors in French. 

Rhythmic Nation


Birth - 5

This is a music appreciation program for little ones, with a global awareness twist

Inspired by the Montessori peace and cosmic education, a mindful approach, the love of music, and her passion for teaching, Sophie built Rhythmic Nation, a program promoting peace through global music education in early childhood.  French chansons, Latin sounds, African rhythms, Spanish Flamenco, Middle Eastern belly-dancing... We tour the world through music! In these classes, we share real instruments from around the world, songs and dances to enrich children with a global vision of multiculturalism and a bring a sense of unity through music.

We offer school enrichment classes, workshops, Parent & Me classes and events.



 * Create a safe and playful space to learn and grow

 * Expose child to other cultures

 Inspire to create and imagine

 * Train the ear (rhythms, rhymes, and French accent) 

 * Boost and exercises brain cognitive functions

 * Build self-esteem

 * Develop concentration and memory

 * Develop group awareness and cooperation 

What educators say

about our French and music Programs

“[...] an enrichment program that will boost your school.”

- Doha Zohbi, director & owner, Exploring Minds Montessori

"SOPHIE & LES PETITS is a phenomenal program to learn a language. […] Activities not only support learning French but introduce a whole culture and a love for learning in a mystical fascinating manner.” - VANESSA RADERMAN, ACE After-School Program + Greenleaf Mindful Montessori owner & director. 


“Not only will children learn the language and grasp vocabulary, they will also add beautiful melodies to their musical memory. Sophie is not just a French teacher, she is truly an artist who creates by incorporating music, stories, art, poetry and so much more!” – DRAGANA RODRIGUEZ ,Do Re Mi Music School Owner & Director.


"SOPHIE & LES PETITS has been a wonderful addition to our after school program! Our families are delighted at the opportunity to have their children take  Sophie's class at our preschool. The programs provides a unique learning experience that children simply fall in love with. The program and music is well rounded and appeals to children of all ages! If you are looking for an enrichment class that will boost your school French for kids with Sophie & Les Petits, is it! " - DOHA ZOHBI,  Director & Owner Exploring Minds Montessori Preschools.

"Best French music for preschoolers EVER! I recommend it 100%. You'll see how fast your child will be singing in French and loving it." - GIANMAR MOLERO DE BOULTON, Spanish teacher

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